Tuesday, 5 April 2011

I'm back !

Well I have been a victim of modem failure but the new one has been installed and I'm back.

So a short update on progress. First of all the Lizard Rider army is all finished including the basing. I have based more Kraytonians and have extra bases for the ones that are left to paint. Also carried on with the elves.

Still not bought anything although I was given a gift of not one but two Warmaster armies from Pendraken.

Late Roman and Sassinid Persian.

I will take picures later this week and get them posted. (Not the new armies)

Painted : 129
Bought : Still nothing as they were a gift.


  1. Yes please lets have some piccies!!

  2. Wish now I'd gone for the Late Romans, not that I dont love my Republicans, but the Legion troops have small bases which makes them a nightmare to get them to actually stand up long enough to glue. But thats two nice armies Dave, they'll play differently enough to give you some variety.