Thursday, 21 April 2011

Work in progress

I thought I would post some pictures of what is currently on the painting table.
First up is ACW Command figures. I had completed the Confederates some time ago but never did the command. So this time around I though I would do these and then do the rank and file.

Progress on the 10mm Elves from Kallistra. I have done a few more and started work on the chariots. It's getting there slowly as usual.
This is for the American artillery in the Mexican/American War. The gun and figures are complete so this the last in the puzzle. There is another 2 to put together.
Again still sticking with the Mexican/American War of 1846 these are the Mississipi Rifles. Still alot to do for these but I have only started 4 so that I can do a test base. I have alot of figures for this period mostly from 1st Corp. I will leave you with a completed unit but I promise you will see more.

Mexican Dave


  1. How are you getting on with the Crimean figs that you are doing for Bob L?

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