Monday, 20 June 2011

Preparation weekend

Thats sums up the weekend for me.


After finishing the Zouves I had the idea to prepare a tray full of mini's to paint this week.

( and the hope to finishing a few)

So 10 mm Pendraken Hussars, Mexican civilians for the Mex/American War , 2 Mexican/American generals, colonial troopers( Last 3 from 1st Corps), 20 mm Plastic Soldier Russians, three 20 mm Pegasus Russian buildings and a blood bowl team are all waiting for paint to be slapped on.

Monthly totals have increased.

Painted : 120
Bought : 90

Saturday, 18 June 2011

French for the battle of Alma

Well lets keep it simple. The French Zouve's for the battle of Alma for this weekend's League of Gentleman Wargamers.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Colonial Trooper for Tomorrows War

Took some time out and for a few hours to paint up this 1st Corps Colonial Trooper for Tomorrows War.

A test paint really but happy with the results so should go with it. I used the cover of the Tomorrows war PDF as a guide.

Mexican Dave

Monday, 6 June 2011

Wappinshaw 2011 - The pictures

So as I promised I attended Wappinshaw on Saturday. It is probably safe to say it is one of the smallest shows in Scotland but with a new venue I looking forward to it.

The first thing I noticed when I approached the Royal Concert Hall is there was not a lot of notice for the general public to know that a wargames show was on. However like any new location I suspose you improve year by year. I took a few pictures  at the show.

 I really liked the look of this Space Hulk game and as you can see the figures were well painted.

The game was put on by Glasgow Wargames Group and it looked good.

Next up was the Dumbarton Wargames Club with a Warhammer game. I also like the look of this and some of the buildings were made by a club member. They are relatively new club so if you live in that area you should check them. If you are interested in Flames of War it might be worth a visit as they are gathering forces for a campaign sometime soon.

Glasgow Wargames Club put on a space game using the Full Thrust rules. Certainly there was alot of people at the table so only took this one poor shot.
Dumfries had a very British Civil War game on display and I though it was a cracker.

As you can I took a few pictures as there was always something to see on the other side of the table !

Greenock Wargames Club focussed on the Boar War. Not something you see often (never seen it actually) so it was a pleasant change.

Glasgow District recreated Operation Jericho which was a low level bombing raid on Amiens Prison on the 18 February 1944. The object was to free some French resistance and political prisoners. Just before I took the next picture the Mosquito bombers had shot down a German plane. Bad timing for me but not for the British pilot !!!
Kirriemuir Wargames club has a skirmish game called " A norse, a norse, My kingdom for a norse"

Nice looking figures and terrain on display.

Back to periods you don't often see was Falkirks Korean War - The battle of Imjin River. The terrain looked good and was all hand made. Also they assure that painting Chinese is quick and easy.

Note the real tree in the background.

There were 2 other games but there was no figures on one and the other looked half packed up when I was taking pictures so my apologies for missing them.

I never saw anything at the bring and buy that I liked but it seemed busy. Well I had to wait before I could see what was there.

However I did obtain all the things I went for and managed a trip to Static Games for my Russian 45mm anti tank guns. So afternoon complete and its now less than a year to the next one.

Mexican Dave

Friday, 3 June 2011

Wappinshaw 2011

I am attending Wappinshaw tomorrow. I have a list to hopefully stick to.

It includes my order from Pendraken which is some bits and peoces for the Afrika Korps and Japs as well as the wild card of French Napoleonic 1809 hussars. I just want to see what they look like but its unlikely it will stop there.

Also some system troopers from Central Wargaming. Made by Pig Iron they should fit in with the colonial marines from First Corps. All ready to play Tomorrow's War.

Also some bases from Warbases to finish the Kraytonians for Future War Commander.

I will also look out for some paint for those 20mm Russians and while we are on that subject I will check out the Plastic Soldier release of the 45mm anti tank gun.

Simples !!!

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Uncharted Seas

Well I have taken the plunge !!! (I will get my coat)

I am now the owner of a starter fleet for the above. It all started by watching someone play the rules. I have done that once before with Disposeable Heroes which I am now sure was a mistake.

However after watching Kingsleypark and entourage as well as following his blog it looks like a bit of fun to me. So I am confident lighting has not striked twice.

I did check KP's blog as I didn't see the point in buying anything that someone had. Better to go for something different.



Loads of options with this as after all those orcas might get a visit from Captain Kirk on a mission to save earth.

Mmmm. Dummest movie plot ever.