Sunday, 23 September 2012

Sassanid Persians- 10mm Pendraken

Today I spent some time painting these.


Next I will try and finish them. They are based for Warmaster.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

DAK - 10mm from Pendraken

On Saturday at the club we are going back to the desert so it was the perfect reason to pull the finger out and finish the DAK.

So last weekend I did just that.

I have decided to buy some decals to finish them off so have some vehicles bases to complete later. In the mean time here is what I achieved.
The command bases.
Infantry bases and Support weapons.

Finally some Marders.
Hope to get the details next month.


Thursday, 6 September 2012

Journey around the painting table

First up some 10mm US marines from Pendraken.
A better picture showing some detail.
Once again 10mm Pendraken. This time DAK.
This time, terrain for Vietnam. Its great what you can pick up from the pet store these days.
  Another from the pet store but this time its finished.
Mexican 2nd regiment form the Mexican American  War. Just the command to complete tucked away with 2 generals with alot to do.
Mississipi Rifles from the Mexican American war and some civilians for the same period.

Some horses for the Mexican cavalry and 28mm Sci Fi colonial marines.
Finally some 10mm chariot horses for the Warmaster Elves from Kallistra. The chariots were done ages ago. Sneaking at the back is 20mm Vietnam US marines.

No chance me getting bored anytime soon but the good thing is I am under no pressure so its a good place to be.