Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Quick visit to Claymore

Quick visit to Claymore.

That is an understatement. I was only their about just over an hour.

I only had time to pick up my pre orders and the items off my list. No chance to see any games unfortunately.

I did pick up everything.Yipee !!!!

More 20 mm Vietnam stuff from Grubby tanks. Just more vehicles, VC sappers and more US marines to fill some gaps. At some point I will take a few months to paint all this.

Marines again. This time 10 mm ones from Pendraken. Mostly some tanks to round it off and some infantry to add infantry upgrades.Also more palm trees.

More secrets of the 3rd Reich from Figures in Comfort. I bought 2 packs of wolf runners, a pinger and controller(zombies to follow at some point !!!!)  and Frau Tear.

With this I can pick any leader figure and add the option of a wolf runner team. So the whole german project coming along very quickly.

Sci Fi troopers from 1rst Corps. Picked up 2 LRG Team and the news crew.

Finally some paint. Foundry Spearshaft and more importantly Base Sand to finish the SOTR. I also picked up vallejo dark sand and iraqui sand for 10 mm Afrika Korps.