Saturday, 21 July 2012

SOTR German Platoon finished

Now complete at 50 points. Although it doesn't look you get alot for those points they do look good. I had to repaint Live Wire due to an accident with the spray varnish.

She looked a little grey.

Still managed to also paint Wolfgang Faust and start the mortar team. These will take the platoon over the basic 50 points mark however I do wish to add some variety so will carry on added bits here and there.

With that in mind Maelstrom has another sale thus offering 25% off  the RRP of a few ranges including SOTR. Not alot left for the Germans unfortunately.

However bits added are another 4 infantry and NCO's, panzerfaust team and the master of the hunt.

11 figures for £15.76. Bargain.


Plenty of Russkies and USA choices left

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Still kicking

PC problems once again has meant I am using a notebook just now.

However I have now my own wargame room with an old desk as a paint station.

Speaking of paint I am nearly finished the Germans for the 3rd Reich; terrain hedges(mostly undercoated) and 20mm US marines for vietnam.

So still busy and had time to order some 10mm Marines from pendraken to go along with the Japs finished some time ago.

I will keep posting but pictures may be a problem until the PC gets a new hard drive.