Wednesday, 7 March 2012

WWII Japanese

So this where I started from. A 1000 point Japanese army for BKC.
I first set out terrain features but notice the top right hand corner where the fern is. It is actually the top of a palm tree from Pendraken. I snipped of the top and drilled a hole in the base and then glued it in place. Next time I will use a cocktail stick. There are a couple others on the bases near the front.

After covering the base in sand it was undercoated and painted Homebase Bitter Chocolate Masonry paint, then drybrushed Sandtex Mid stone and light cream.
I then added some leaves cut from the Pendraken palm trees.
I then painted the figures as follows; Uniform - Vallejo Japanese 923, Uniform Kepis - Foundry German Pea Green B, Helmets - Foundry Bay Brown B, Blanket Roll - Vallejo Olive Green 894, Webbing - Vallejo Brown 875, Flesh - Vallejo Medium flestone 860. The logs which was the palm trees cut up was painted Foundry Spearshat. Everything was washed with Devlin Mud Wash.
I highligthed the figures with the foundry C paint while added Vallejo Ivory 918 to all the valejo colours. I used a flock I bought from Mac's model railway shop in Kirriemuir which I thought was very good. It is from Train Save and is mild green.
Here is another picture from above. I drybrushed the grass Foundry Ochre c and then Lemon C. The plants and bushes were bought from e bay. Finally some random pictures of the finished battle group.