Thursday, 24 February 2011

Well it's been long time...

Well it's been a long time but I have not been lazy.

I have moved the Franco Prussian figures along which will be used for the Crimea actually. Both periods that I know little about but you never know in the future. Will work on them tonight.

I also worked on some 10mm Elves from Kallistra for Warmaster and sticking with 10mm I painted 9 Japanese tanks for Blitzkrieg Commander. Really happy with them but I need to take the photos again as I managed to delete them from the PC by mistake. I also sorted out the rest of them for painting.

Also sorted out the 28mm Elves for Blood Bowl for painting.

I managed to bases some figures I had finished for ages for the Mexican Revolution.

Now I need to do alot more of them but when I need a break from something I usually end up with them.

Now remember I did say at the start I was a wargames butterfly. So more butterfly stories to come.

Bought : Nothing
Painted : 119