Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Some final Russian 1/72 figures

The final 7 Russians so that I forgot to show you. So its all done.

Or is it ?

Well no. I was thinking I had all these infantry, the Anti tank guns, buildings and T34's( still to paint) but no other scenery. I have therefore started on the roads scattered accross the dining room floor !!!

Plans are also being made for some hedges and fences.

Wargamers. We mever stop.

Painted: Now 147.

Monday, 29 August 2011

Gruntz 15mm Sci Fi

Okay so you know what I have been doing in the past but what am I doing now.

The first answer is obviously Gruntz which has been on the radar for some time. Gordon Y ( as usual ) has got the jump on me so his force is all done. I was going to use New Isreali's from Ground Zero Games but Khurasan Miniatures had a sale.

So I picked Felid. Tiger Warriors who can resist at a stupid price.

Not me.

So 41 figures which is more than enough for 4 units plus support so the race is on to finish them as soon as.

BUT before that it's 10mm Pendraken figures in WW1 for the ' If the Lord spares us " tomorrow night.

I will let you know how ( badly ) I get on.

Mexican dave 

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Pegasus Hobbies 1/72 Russian Log Houses

Well there would not be any point of finishing the Plastic Soldier Russians without some Russian buildings. These were purchased at Wappinshaw in June. They are very easy to build althought one of the roof's doesn't quite fit so I will need to do something about that.

As you can see this is the one with the dodgy roof and it is the middle sized one. Next is the smallest.

Now for the big daddy of them all. The 2 storey log house.

They were all built first and then glued to the MDF base. I then added the building sand. It was then all painted including the inside of the building with Sandtex Chocolate brown followed by a drybrush of Foundry Spearshaft B and them C only on doors, windows and building edges. The roofs were again covered in chocolate brown but then with Foundry Artic grey A and B.

The grass was Jarvis Hairy Autumn mix and Army Painter Swamp Turfs. They were both drybrushed with Foundry Lemon C to finish. 

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Russian Anti Tank Gun Pictures

At last the pictures.

Again painted very quickly so that the first of these Russians were bought in May and now they are complete apart from the 3 T34's which is only because I don't have the bases to put them on.

Overall I would recomend the Plastic Soldier Company ranges. Nice models and nicely priced.

Bought: 16 US Vietnam figures so total now 106.
Painted: Another 20 complete making the total 140.  

Monday, 22 August 2011

Russian Anti Gun update 1/72 Plastic Soldier Company

Sorry about the lack of posts but difficulties with the PC has meant I have to add everything again. Very boring and frustrating.

However the above is finished as well as the 20mm houses.

Pictures will follow when I add I get around to adding that software.

Hopefully the PC will play nice after that.