Saturday, 27 January 2018

Chain of command

So it was time to try out the Chain of Command rules. I had them for awhile but never got around to it.

However its had some cracking coverage on Beasts of War lately and the lets play video peaked my interest once more.

So why not. Lets give it a try.
The table set up. Just a small russian village. 

The German drop off points.
The Russian drop off points. The German player had to reach the one at the back. My job was to stop him.
My other drop of point where I dropped my first infantry unit.
Craig brought on his Stug.
He also brought on a infantry team.
I moved my infantry team forward.
I deployed another team at the building on the other side but took some fire.

My T34 came on managed to spook his tank,
So much so he ran off and hid.
The German infantry moved forward towards the building.
My T34 moved forward too. With STUG hidden it was time for some HE.
I didn't do much damage now that the German infantry were made into the building.
This German unit was beginning to take some shock but I was too.

Quite a bit actually. I was starting to buckle.
My other infantry started to do the same so it was only gonna be a matter of time.

So that was it for Chain of Command. It was good for a first try and we both liked it. It plays really well. So the plan is to keep playing every 2 weeks. Its the only way to learn the rules. Too many times we play once maybe twice but that's it.

This game doesn't deserve that. Its too good a game.

Paint Table Saturday

I managed to finish the ECW cavalry and the ghouls are just about finished.  Still have the dwarfs and the Japanese to start. New on the table is some ECW pikeman and 2 vehicles. Just got to keep going with the catch up.

Saturday, 20 January 2018

Paint Table Saturday

I am trying to catch up on some projects from last year.

So you have Warlord Japanese for Bolt Action, a couple of cavalry units for Pikeman's Lament, dwarfs for Frostgrave and ghouls for Frostgrave Archipelago.

The hope is finish a few of them.

Friday, 12 January 2018

Frostgrave the game

It wasn't until later that I realised that one my archers was also badly wounded last time.

So I started the game with 4 knights and 3 archers.

We played the Mausoleum scenario which has 4 treasure tokens place at the corners along 2 treasure per player which had to be at least 6 inches away.
So here is the skeleton guarding one corner. More about him later.
Above is the mausoleum in the centre
So above was my starting position and that skeleton who despite having all range attack I wasn't able to hit it.
Craig blocked my line of sight by casting a fog spell while he went for the first treasure token. Mark on the other side ganged up on the skeleton protecting the treasure token near him.
Craig managed to get the first treasure token but he had moved his dog up towards me.
So I pushed the green and red knights forward to take on the dog while that left my other knight to get the treasure and make a run for it. 
Another treasure token in my sights.
The dog was sent packing so I moved forward with the red and green knight while the other made his escape with his loot.
The other treasure was still in sight but another skeleton had appeared.
There was another treasure token available. Mark and Craig were busy fighting each other and other skeletons that had appeared to block their progress.
However I also had a few skeletons to deal with. 
My red knight was free to go for the treasure but Mark has managed to wound my wizard.  
He died
Meanwhile was trying to get away with another treasure but was caught by another skeleton. Unfortunately he also died.
Not all was lost I still had more men so I managed to get that treasure and get off the board. 

So in the end I managed to get 3 treasure off the board which ended my best so far in the campaign. In the end I was able to rise 3 experience levels and obtain 420 gold coins. For now we are going to end the campaign for now but I will keep the stats cos you never know.

Anyway I want to finish off my dwarf war band.


Sunday, 7 January 2018



I have been playing a campaign now and on Monday it will be our 4th game.

Its been great. Frostgrave is a fun ruleset. We have just been getting used to our wizards and our spells we picked.

I picked an elementalist and surrounded him with some expensive knights and a few archers.  Of course initially I was outnumbered but as the campaign has progressed as I have just added a few more so that I am now up to the maximum 10 figures including the wizard.
I should have given my wizard and apprentice by now. However I will just wait until the campaign over.
This is my knights. Unfortunately the red knight was badly wounded in the last game so he misses the next game. In this game you just drop him from your roster and hire another knight. This is what I am gone do that only leaves me with 110 gold coins so I am going to spend another 100 gold on 2 potions of strength. I will give it to the red and the green knight which will them +2 fight for this game only.
Finally the archers for more shooting power along with my elementalist range spells.

All the figures are mongols from Fireforge.

Hopefully I can screen my knights so they can pick up some treasure. I sure do need it.


Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Some pictures

Dreadball Extreme

The convicts with explosive collar.

The Kalasyi

The free agents.

Finally our sponsors.

That's the box set complete but I have a few extras including some other teams to do.


Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Last year

It was a dead loss. Mind should be able to beat last years total.

Not that I have done nothing. Painted quite a lot really.

New armies for Deadzone, Frostgrave and Pikemans Lament.

A few others as well.

Until next time!

When ever that is๐Ÿ˜„