Sunday, 7 January 2018



I have been playing a campaign now and on Monday it will be our 4th game.

Its been great. Frostgrave is a fun ruleset. We have just been getting used to our wizards and our spells we picked.

I picked an elementalist and surrounded him with some expensive knights and a few archers.  Of course initially I was outnumbered but as the campaign has progressed as I have just added a few more so that I am now up to the maximum 10 figures including the wizard.
I should have given my wizard and apprentice by now. However I will just wait until the campaign over.
This is my knights. Unfortunately the red knight was badly wounded in the last game so he misses the next game. In this game you just drop him from your roster and hire another knight. This is what I am gone do that only leaves me with 110 gold coins so I am going to spend another 100 gold on 2 potions of strength. I will give it to the red and the green knight which will them +2 fight for this game only.
Finally the archers for more shooting power along with my elementalist range spells.

All the figures are mongols from Fireforge.

Hopefully I can screen my knights so they can pick up some treasure. I sure do need it.


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