Sunday, 23 September 2012

Sassanid Persians- 10mm Pendraken

Today I spent some time painting these.


Next I will try and finish them. They are based for Warmaster.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

DAK - 10mm from Pendraken

On Saturday at the club we are going back to the desert so it was the perfect reason to pull the finger out and finish the DAK.

So last weekend I did just that.

I have decided to buy some decals to finish them off so have some vehicles bases to complete later. In the mean time here is what I achieved.
The command bases.
Infantry bases and Support weapons.

Finally some Marders.
Hope to get the details next month.


Thursday, 6 September 2012

Journey around the painting table

First up some 10mm US marines from Pendraken.
A better picture showing some detail.
Once again 10mm Pendraken. This time DAK.
This time, terrain for Vietnam. Its great what you can pick up from the pet store these days.
  Another from the pet store but this time its finished.
Mexican 2nd regiment form the Mexican American  War. Just the command to complete tucked away with 2 generals with alot to do.
Mississipi Rifles from the Mexican American war and some civilians for the same period.

Some horses for the Mexican cavalry and 28mm Sci Fi colonial marines.
Finally some 10mm chariot horses for the Warmaster Elves from Kallistra. The chariots were done ages ago. Sneaking at the back is 20mm Vietnam US marines.

No chance me getting bored anytime soon but the good thing is I am under no pressure so its a good place to be.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Quick visit to Claymore

Quick visit to Claymore.

That is an understatement. I was only their about just over an hour.

I only had time to pick up my pre orders and the items off my list. No chance to see any games unfortunately.

I did pick up everything.Yipee !!!!

More 20 mm Vietnam stuff from Grubby tanks. Just more vehicles, VC sappers and more US marines to fill some gaps. At some point I will take a few months to paint all this.

Marines again. This time 10 mm ones from Pendraken. Mostly some tanks to round it off and some infantry to add infantry upgrades.Also more palm trees.

More secrets of the 3rd Reich from Figures in Comfort. I bought 2 packs of wolf runners, a pinger and controller(zombies to follow at some point !!!!)  and Frau Tear.

With this I can pick any leader figure and add the option of a wolf runner team. So the whole german project coming along very quickly.

Sci Fi troopers from 1rst Corps. Picked up 2 LRG Team and the news crew.

Finally some paint. Foundry Spearshaft and more importantly Base Sand to finish the SOTR. I also picked up vallejo dark sand and iraqui sand for 10 mm Afrika Korps.

Saturday, 21 July 2012

SOTR German Platoon finished

Now complete at 50 points. Although it doesn't look you get alot for those points they do look good. I had to repaint Live Wire due to an accident with the spray varnish.

She looked a little grey.

Still managed to also paint Wolfgang Faust and start the mortar team. These will take the platoon over the basic 50 points mark however I do wish to add some variety so will carry on added bits here and there.

With that in mind Maelstrom has another sale thus offering 25% off  the RRP of a few ranges including SOTR. Not alot left for the Germans unfortunately.

However bits added are another 4 infantry and NCO's, panzerfaust team and the master of the hunt.

11 figures for £15.76. Bargain.


Plenty of Russkies and USA choices left

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Still kicking

PC problems once again has meant I am using a notebook just now.

However I have now my own wargame room with an old desk as a paint station.

Speaking of paint I am nearly finished the Germans for the 3rd Reich; terrain hedges(mostly undercoated) and 20mm US marines for vietnam.

So still busy and had time to order some 10mm Marines from pendraken to go along with the Japs finished some time ago.

I will keep posting but pictures may be a problem until the PC gets a new hard drive.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Another project

Well another project began less than 5 minutes ago. GordonY started this back in April 2011. Now its my turn. I ordered a similar type of force. Why ! Well Maelstrom Games offered a nice discount so I am actually saving money. Hmmmm !

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Gruntz 15mm - Chewk Desert Nomads

Just finished these from Khurasan Minatures to play Gruntz.

Gruntz Squad - 24 figures painted
Chewkgun (MG)
Chewkzooka ( Bazooka )

Chewbomber ( Mortars ) 
Chewkannon with chewkamel beast of burdon

Drill Tank (APC )

Now all that is required is to work out the stats and make the cards for the game. Not as straight forward as you might think as I need how to use the APC and I am not sure the type of perkzs to pick.                          

Monday, 9 April 2012

A quick update

At last I have finished the force for Gruntz.

It has been a struggle mainly because of a few accidents. After varnishing the special weapons the wind took them and sent them flying down the garden path. So a repaint was required. The basic grunts were also varnished only to stick on the cardboard. I did manage to get them off but I did break the end of a gun.

Finally I just had the pictures to take only to struggle to obtain a good picture and then the batteries ran out.

So only a few pictures available with one taken of an APC before it was finished.

I will now obtain new batteries and take pictures of thw whole force.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

WWII Japanese

So this where I started from. A 1000 point Japanese army for BKC.
I first set out terrain features but notice the top right hand corner where the fern is. It is actually the top of a palm tree from Pendraken. I snipped of the top and drilled a hole in the base and then glued it in place. Next time I will use a cocktail stick. There are a couple others on the bases near the front.

After covering the base in sand it was undercoated and painted Homebase Bitter Chocolate Masonry paint, then drybrushed Sandtex Mid stone and light cream.
I then added some leaves cut from the Pendraken palm trees.
I then painted the figures as follows; Uniform - Vallejo Japanese 923, Uniform Kepis - Foundry German Pea Green B, Helmets - Foundry Bay Brown B, Blanket Roll - Vallejo Olive Green 894, Webbing - Vallejo Brown 875, Flesh - Vallejo Medium flestone 860. The logs which was the palm trees cut up was painted Foundry Spearshat. Everything was washed with Devlin Mud Wash.
I highligthed the figures with the foundry C paint while added Vallejo Ivory 918 to all the valejo colours. I used a flock I bought from Mac's model railway shop in Kirriemuir which I thought was very good. It is from Train Save and is mild green.
Here is another picture from above. I drybrushed the grass Foundry Ochre c and then Lemon C. The plants and bushes were bought from e bay. Finally some random pictures of the finished battle group.

Monday, 20 February 2012

Progress report

Well I didn't think it would be 4 months before I posted again but back in October I developed RSI. Painting and internet access was not a option. So 4 months on and it has got better and I have now started once more.

The time off did make me consider my approach as I never finish projects and I take time( alot of time) to paint. So from now on I am going to attempt to paint quicker and finish them. So what better way to start with a list of projects.


Dark Realm Kraytonian for Future War Commander. Not much to do to finish this off.


WWII Afrika Korps. I have based some infantry and have the models for the command.I believe I have enough figures for this.

WWII Japs. These are the figures I have started and I have painted them quickly. I have nearly completed 1000 points for Blitzkrieg Commander. I need a few odds and end to complete the project and intend to finish before moving elsewhere.

Franco Prussian War. Picked up both armies in October at Skelp and added to them. Will need some more especially artillery but there is enough for a game. Miniatures are all based and are awaiting undercoat.  The rules will be Black Powder which did arrive at Xmas !!!

Elves. No changes but not much to do.

French Napoleonic. At the aquire stage. I hope from now on that I will buy what I need before I start to paint which means I will finish a project. So far I have 4 infantry units at 36 strong. I will add another 4 units before some cavalry and commanders. Hopefully by then Pendraken will have released the French artillery.  


Gruntz. I have the figures that I need and there is some paint on them. It is not the Felid from Khurasan Miniatures though but something different. Will say no more until complete.


WWII Russians. Just the 3 T34s and this is complete.

Vietnam. I actually received more at Xmas which included some of the vehicles. More are needed but infantry are complete apart for VC HMG/mortar figures. I recently picked up some VC with straw hats form Elheim. Cracking figures those.

Cold War Hot. Always liked Force on Force so when I also received a Chieftan tank for Xmas another project was born. Now at the aquire stage I have added some Russian infantry again from Elheim. Alot more to aquire before work can commence.


Africa. Still with Force on Force I have had them for ages and played a few games with them. I need to add vehicles to complete it in full. I know what I need for this.

Pulp City. Xmas again with the arrival of the figures. I have the villain/hero starter figures but you only need 4 figures to start with so again does not seem much to do to get the project started.

There are plenty of others but the above is where I wish to focus my attention for now. I also would like to build more buildings. I have started to build some hedges using pan scourers which will be used for WWII and the Cold War Hot when the time comes.

Hopefully the next post will include pictures, possibly the WWII Japs from Pendraken.