Saturday, 21 July 2012

SOTR German Platoon finished

Now complete at 50 points. Although it doesn't look you get alot for those points they do look good. I had to repaint Live Wire due to an accident with the spray varnish.

She looked a little grey.

Still managed to also paint Wolfgang Faust and start the mortar team. These will take the platoon over the basic 50 points mark however I do wish to add some variety so will carry on added bits here and there.

With that in mind Maelstrom has another sale thus offering 25% off  the RRP of a few ranges including SOTR. Not alot left for the Germans unfortunately.

However bits added are another 4 infantry and NCO's, panzerfaust team and the master of the hunt.

11 figures for £15.76. Bargain.


Plenty of Russkies and USA choices left

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