Monday, 21 March 2011

Finishing Armies

Well the first thing you ask. Do we ever finish armies ?

Mmmm . Not sure I have. So it woud be good if I did. Correct it would.

Well with that in mind I had a good rummage around the house to see what I could find.  I found.

Kraytonians for FWC
Elves for Warmaster. I did mange to paint more but is no way finished.
Afrika Korps for BKC
Japaneses for BKC
Lizard Riders for FWC
Colonial Sci Fi Marines for Tomorrows War.

In order of the the least number of figures to finish it would be Lizards Riders, Kraytonians and Elves.

Another bird brain, butterfly idea to float around with. Still I have as yet made no figures purchases this year.

Thats a positive.


Monday, 14 March 2011

Warmaster Part 3

Well as expected Saturday was a complete wash out but I did do a bit on the Sunday. Not enough to complete them but next Saturday I will start again I will see how far I fall short.

You can see some of them in the picture below.

I also started some bases for Future War Commander. I just drilled a hole through the base and inserted the flight stand. I then cut the stand to size and trimmed the bottom. I also used a file to smooth that side down.

Then it is PVA and builders sand, painted by Sandtex Chocolate Brown and covered in flock. The stones were painted in Foundry Chesnut A, B and C. Tonight it will drybrushed with Sandtex Brick Red and Light Cream and then they are finished with only the miniatures to be pinned and glued to the stand.

Thats all for now.

Friday, 11 March 2011

Warmaster Part 2

I managed to prepare 28 of them for painting tonight. The problem was there was alot of flash on them especially around the cloaks.

I know they are only 10 mm but the cloak is the one part that you can make them stand out. So it took longer than anticipated.

Not looking good for finishing by Sunday. I also forgot that we have visitors tomorrow so I probably will not get anything done until late evening.

Anyway too tired now to do any more.  


I have decided to take a break from 28mm this weekend and focus on the smaller grand scale of minis.

Now where better to start than a Elf Warmaster army. Not only that what about painting this lot by Sunday.

That 4 units of elves who are all from Kallistra. If I am lucky I will add in the the extra command base making a total of 52 figures. Here is what I did with the last lot from Games Workshop.

Also I have mucked about with the appearance of the blog (No  **** I didn't notice) as I try and figure out what this puppy can do.

Now to get started.

Bought : Still zero
Painted : 119 still

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

February's gone

Now that February's gone and the nights are getting lighter then that extra day light will hopefully force me to push up the painting totals in March.

I need to get cracking on as I have loads to do just like all war gamers and their famous lead and now plastic mountains. I have never counted it as that would be so depressing but I know it is an embarrassing amount.

Not only that there is a wide range of figures for a number of periods. Armies in 28mm for New Kingdom Egyptians, Royalist ECW and ACW in plastic.  Add in the lead for my Mexican American War obsession and be afraid, very afraid.

So I tip my hat to all war gamers everywhere who can focus on finishing one period before moving on.

I salute you all.

Back to it then.

Bought : Still nothing
Painted : 119