Monday, 21 March 2011

Finishing Armies

Well the first thing you ask. Do we ever finish armies ?

Mmmm . Not sure I have. So it woud be good if I did. Correct it would.

Well with that in mind I had a good rummage around the house to see what I could find.  I found.

Kraytonians for FWC
Elves for Warmaster. I did mange to paint more but is no way finished.
Afrika Korps for BKC
Japaneses for BKC
Lizard Riders for FWC
Colonial Sci Fi Marines for Tomorrows War.

In order of the the least number of figures to finish it would be Lizards Riders, Kraytonians and Elves.

Another bird brain, butterfly idea to float around with. Still I have as yet made no figures purchases this year.

Thats a positive.



  1. I see you aren't including in that list your Egyptians.......

  2. Yeah and all those are 15mm or smaller, I think he's just blanking out the horde of boxes of 28mm stuff lurking under that bed. He also never mentioned the 28mm Mexicans, the 28mm ECW or the 28mm ACW. Not that I blame him, I can paint a whole company of 10mm in less time than I take to paint 1 28mm figure.

    Dave my tuppence worth on this would be to attack the army with the least left to paint.

  3. Thats what I intend to. If I had listed all the things I had to do everybody would have fallen asleep half way through the post.

  4. Dave, Wayland Games has sent through an ECW Command sprue from Warlord Games.

    They are yours on the condition that you paint them up and post the piccies here