Wednesday, 2 March 2011

February's gone

Now that February's gone and the nights are getting lighter then that extra day light will hopefully force me to push up the painting totals in March.

I need to get cracking on as I have loads to do just like all war gamers and their famous lead and now plastic mountains. I have never counted it as that would be so depressing but I know it is an embarrassing amount.

Not only that there is a wide range of figures for a number of periods. Armies in 28mm for New Kingdom Egyptians, Royalist ECW and ACW in plastic.  Add in the lead for my Mexican American War obsession and be afraid, very afraid.

So I tip my hat to all war gamers everywhere who can focus on finishing one period before moving on.

I salute you all.

Back to it then.

Bought : Still nothing
Painted : 119

1 comment:

  1. Still 119 painted is a good effort.

    And no don't be tempted to count what you have unpainted!!