Monday, 20 February 2012

Progress report

Well I didn't think it would be 4 months before I posted again but back in October I developed RSI. Painting and internet access was not a option. So 4 months on and it has got better and I have now started once more.

The time off did make me consider my approach as I never finish projects and I take time( alot of time) to paint. So from now on I am going to attempt to paint quicker and finish them. So what better way to start with a list of projects.


Dark Realm Kraytonian for Future War Commander. Not much to do to finish this off.


WWII Afrika Korps. I have based some infantry and have the models for the command.I believe I have enough figures for this.

WWII Japs. These are the figures I have started and I have painted them quickly. I have nearly completed 1000 points for Blitzkrieg Commander. I need a few odds and end to complete the project and intend to finish before moving elsewhere.

Franco Prussian War. Picked up both armies in October at Skelp and added to them. Will need some more especially artillery but there is enough for a game. Miniatures are all based and are awaiting undercoat.  The rules will be Black Powder which did arrive at Xmas !!!

Elves. No changes but not much to do.

French Napoleonic. At the aquire stage. I hope from now on that I will buy what I need before I start to paint which means I will finish a project. So far I have 4 infantry units at 36 strong. I will add another 4 units before some cavalry and commanders. Hopefully by then Pendraken will have released the French artillery.  


Gruntz. I have the figures that I need and there is some paint on them. It is not the Felid from Khurasan Miniatures though but something different. Will say no more until complete.


WWII Russians. Just the 3 T34s and this is complete.

Vietnam. I actually received more at Xmas which included some of the vehicles. More are needed but infantry are complete apart for VC HMG/mortar figures. I recently picked up some VC with straw hats form Elheim. Cracking figures those.

Cold War Hot. Always liked Force on Force so when I also received a Chieftan tank for Xmas another project was born. Now at the aquire stage I have added some Russian infantry again from Elheim. Alot more to aquire before work can commence.


Africa. Still with Force on Force I have had them for ages and played a few games with them. I need to add vehicles to complete it in full. I know what I need for this.

Pulp City. Xmas again with the arrival of the figures. I have the villain/hero starter figures but you only need 4 figures to start with so again does not seem much to do to get the project started.

There are plenty of others but the above is where I wish to focus my attention for now. I also would like to build more buildings. I have started to build some hedges using pan scourers which will be used for WWII and the Cold War Hot when the time comes.

Hopefully the next post will include pictures, possibly the WWII Japs from Pendraken.