Saturday, 30 July 2011

Plastic Soldier 1/72 T34/85 Tanks

Well moving swiftly along I opened the box of Plastic Soldier 1/72 T34/85 Tanks.
So you get 3 of these to make either the T34/85. I at present don't plan to glue the turrets down as I intend to use for both versions.
If you look at the above picture you can see a flaw in the bottom track assembly. Not a problem as a little filler should solve this problem. I has also heard problems with the track assembly so I built both of them as complete units and then glued them to the tank.
It seem to work fine but you can again see a little gap in the track assembly but filler will do the job.
A short while later you have 3 tanks built. Despite the little glitches which I am sure will be fixed with a little filler they were very east to build. I added weights to the hull as I also heard they were  a bit lightweight.

I purchased mine for £11 at Cannonade which is still a bit of a bargain. I would have no trouble recommending these and will probably by more.

Lastly here is a picture with one of the infantry figures to let you see how big they are.

Mexican Dave

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

It shouldn't happen to Magic Wash !!!

It all started with a discussion on the way from the wargames club. GordonY suggested I should try this out and off I went to purchase the Klear polish which for those in the know is now "Pledge Multi-Surface Wax"

So a few days later I mixed up a 50/50 mix of wax and water. That's not to say it has to be in those quanties as I have seen on the internet quite a few variations. However I went with the original recipe. I then left it a few days just so that there was no bubbles.

I then added the brown ink. Printer ink so apparently very strong. That is once I had managed to open the bottle as the lid was stuck.

Strong stuff indeed !

It was touch and go at this point as I did think about the effect printers ink could have on kitchen worktops while I attacked with the good kitchen knives !!!!!!

The next thing I was faced was that the ink came out in a blob which had film in it of some kind.

Anyway I thought well I will shake it.

Aaaaaah ! Little bits of ink all with film on it !!! Drat.

I know I will strain it with a sieve.

You did not what ?

Okay at this point I did think" Now wait minute here you have just worked out next months wargame order and YOU don't want to screw it up. Perhaps in the interest of domestic bliss you should come up with something else"

So I decided to buy a new one from one of the cheap pound shops that are around.

A few days later I managed to buy 2 for 99p. BARGAIN.

So I then sieved twice to get rid of it all and now I am left with this.

So my question now do I add ink or do I start all over again ?

Mexican Dave

Monday, 25 July 2011

Plastic Soldier 1/72 Russian Heavy weapons

Another part of the Russian army finished with only the anti tanks guns and T34's to do.

The machine gunners from the infantry set I missed.

 And finally I cut up a door mat and with the odd bits left I made this.

So painted total adds up to 57.

Mexican Dave

Friday, 22 July 2011

Plastic Soldier Russian 20mm Heavy weapons

Just a short post to state these are now painted and on bases. Will post pictures in a few days once the bases are complete.

I can now start on the Russian 45mm Anti Tank guns as as the other odds and ends which will leave only the T34's to finish the army completely.

Finally the figures from Khurasan Miniatures arrived yesterday so the Gruntz project can get started shortly.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Plastic Soldier Company 1/72 Russians in Summer uniform

As you can see I have finished some Russians for a Force on Force game some time in the not to distant future. I am quite happy the way they turned out for 2 reasons. Firstly I completed all of them a week past Saturday. I painted the basic colours and then gave them a wash followed some highlights here and there. I have never done figures this way before but I will again.

The colours used were the one's recommended by Plastic Soldier Company followed by GW Devlon mud wash. I just highlighted the rest apart from the flesh which was alright as was.
So above is the group shot of the 40 figures finally complete which took longer than anticipated due to the weather.( I was unable to spray them with purity seal until this week.)

Mind you I have not been idle as out of shot awaits these figures.
The Russian Heavy Weapons set with the few MG's left over. It does take awhile to build them but I have forgotten that now. Hopefully they will be done for the weekend.

So finally the lead mountain is about to take a wee dent but I received the Sassinid Persians from Pendraken to add another 135 to the pile for the Warmaster Army.

There is also more to follow for the Gruntz ruleset.


Saturday, 9 July 2011

More Prep

I was wondering what to do between painting and I thought why not prep more stuff.
So I started with some Warlord 28mm ECW Plastics. This one is fairly straight forward but it takes a while when you clean every figure and position arms and select hats.
This one was the worst as you juggled with the small left arm the other moved and the glue. Oh well.

Another approach was needed so a production line was required.

So I pick out one type and build them all. I will clean each figure before painting. Its not so boring and you can get through them. Simples. 200 figures in all!!!

I also did the same with the ACW Perrys plastics.

I am still painting but nothing finished so far.

Mexican Dave