Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Plastic Soldier Company 1/72 Russians in Summer uniform

As you can see I have finished some Russians for a Force on Force game some time in the not to distant future. I am quite happy the way they turned out for 2 reasons. Firstly I completed all of them a week past Saturday. I painted the basic colours and then gave them a wash followed some highlights here and there. I have never done figures this way before but I will again.

The colours used were the one's recommended by Plastic Soldier Company followed by GW Devlon mud wash. I just highlighted the rest apart from the flesh which was alright as was.
So above is the group shot of the 40 figures finally complete which took longer than anticipated due to the weather.( I was unable to spray them with purity seal until this week.)

Mind you I have not been idle as out of shot awaits these figures.
The Russian Heavy Weapons set with the few MG's left over. It does take awhile to build them but I have forgotten that now. Hopefully they will be done for the weekend.

So finally the lead mountain is about to take a wee dent but I received the Sassinid Persians from Pendraken to add another 135 to the pile for the Warmaster Army.

There is also more to follow for the Gruntz ruleset.


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