Wednesday, 27 July 2011

It shouldn't happen to Magic Wash !!!

It all started with a discussion on the way from the wargames club. GordonY suggested I should try this out and off I went to purchase the Klear polish which for those in the know is now "Pledge Multi-Surface Wax"

So a few days later I mixed up a 50/50 mix of wax and water. That's not to say it has to be in those quanties as I have seen on the internet quite a few variations. However I went with the original recipe. I then left it a few days just so that there was no bubbles.

I then added the brown ink. Printer ink so apparently very strong. That is once I had managed to open the bottle as the lid was stuck.

Strong stuff indeed !

It was touch and go at this point as I did think about the effect printers ink could have on kitchen worktops while I attacked with the good kitchen knives !!!!!!

The next thing I was faced was that the ink came out in a blob which had film in it of some kind.

Anyway I thought well I will shake it.

Aaaaaah ! Little bits of ink all with film on it !!! Drat.

I know I will strain it with a sieve.

You did not what ?

Okay at this point I did think" Now wait minute here you have just worked out next months wargame order and YOU don't want to screw it up. Perhaps in the interest of domestic bliss you should come up with something else"

So I decided to buy a new one from one of the cheap pound shops that are around.

A few days later I managed to buy 2 for 99p. BARGAIN.

So I then sieved twice to get rid of it all and now I am left with this.

So my question now do I add ink or do I start all over again ?

Mexican Dave


  1. I'll post my mix later Dave

  2. So far my wash is 1/2 a pint of wax, 1/2 a pint of water, a full pot of Tamiya Flat Brown (12ml) and about 20ml of the Burns & Harris craft paint Burnt Umber. It does shade but its a very gentle shade. I'll probably dump another pot of the Tamiya in it and see how it goes.

  3. Its Magic Wash or some people call it God Wash.

    Basicly, you paint your figure, very quickly, just a block paint job, no highlights, no shading. Then apply the Magic Wash, instant shading, no effort, just paint lighter and brighter than you normally would, jobs a good un.

    Klear polish we have been reliably informed has the same chemical formula as Acrylic paint, but obviously no pigment. So hence the various mixes to see what works, I think that the ink I gave Dave is solvent based, which explains why it didnt mix with the polish/water solution.