Saturday, 30 July 2011

Plastic Soldier 1/72 T34/85 Tanks

Well moving swiftly along I opened the box of Plastic Soldier 1/72 T34/85 Tanks.
So you get 3 of these to make either the T34/85. I at present don't plan to glue the turrets down as I intend to use for both versions.
If you look at the above picture you can see a flaw in the bottom track assembly. Not a problem as a little filler should solve this problem. I has also heard problems with the track assembly so I built both of them as complete units and then glued them to the tank.
It seem to work fine but you can again see a little gap in the track assembly but filler will do the job.
A short while later you have 3 tanks built. Despite the little glitches which I am sure will be fixed with a little filler they were very east to build. I added weights to the hull as I also heard they were  a bit lightweight.

I purchased mine for £11 at Cannonade which is still a bit of a bargain. I would have no trouble recommending these and will probably by more.

Lastly here is a picture with one of the infantry figures to let you see how big they are.

Mexican Dave


  1. Surprised that you didnt build them with the tank commanders popping out of the hatches. Kinda essential in tanks that didnt have radios, I would have thought.

  2. Unfortunatly didn't that far ahead but if I get more I will use the Tank Commanders.

  3. Nice show and tell of the kit thanks