Monday, 29 August 2011

Gruntz 15mm Sci Fi

Okay so you know what I have been doing in the past but what am I doing now.

The first answer is obviously Gruntz which has been on the radar for some time. Gordon Y ( as usual ) has got the jump on me so his force is all done. I was going to use New Isreali's from Ground Zero Games but Khurasan Miniatures had a sale.

So I picked Felid. Tiger Warriors who can resist at a stupid price.

Not me.

So 41 figures which is more than enough for 4 units plus support so the race is on to finish them as soon as.

BUT before that it's 10mm Pendraken figures in WW1 for the ' If the Lord spares us " tomorrow night.

I will let you know how ( badly ) I get on.

Mexican dave 


  1. Looking good MD, they gonna be ready for Saturday night then, cos my Arc Fleet troopers are itching to kill some Xenos. Dice gods permitting of course. That in a nutshell is your basic problem Dave, your pre-game sacrifices to the dice gods must be insufficient.

  2. These look great. Hope you had a good game.