Thursday, 2 June 2011

Uncharted Seas

Well I have taken the plunge !!! (I will get my coat)

I am now the owner of a starter fleet for the above. It all started by watching someone play the rules. I have done that once before with Disposeable Heroes which I am now sure was a mistake.

However after watching Kingsleypark and entourage as well as following his blog it looks like a bit of fun to me. So I am confident lighting has not striked twice.

I did check KP's blog as I didn't see the point in buying anything that someone had. Better to go for something different.



Loads of options with this as after all those orcas might get a visit from Captain Kirk on a mission to save earth.

Mmmm. Dummest movie plot ever.  


  1. Lol! Ruarok will be most displeased!! After my bro went and bought the Shroud Mages, Ruarok had been eyeing up the Bone Griffons. Zombie whales - how can you resist them!!

    And Star Trek IV, second best Trek film ever (after First Contact)!!

  2. Didn't like the look of anything else. I need the ruleset mind you.

    Well thats the list for Wappinshaw gone inless than 60 seconds.