Thursday, 28 April 2011

Books and rules and rules and books

Probably the most thing we do is buy books and rules.( Apart from increasing our lead collection that is)

It's that trap that I know sends me to consider buying more figures. You get the book, you read the book and before you know your scouring the web for the figures. Have I changed.

Have I hell !!!!

I recently bought this book.
Now I have been looking for this for some time. Hopefully this won't be another turkey. I don't think so. Here is 2 extracts from the inside flap.

"Perceptions on both sides of the border will be reshaped by Robert Ryal Miller's account of American Soldiers who deserted to fight in the Mexican army.
Miller uncovers the reasons for these desertions, presenting the soldier's stories as they are revealed in records of the time. Many of these deserters were immigrant Irishmen."

" Fifty were executed ; otherswere whipped and branded. The leader of the group , John Riley , was branded with a D on both cheeks. The Mexcian government , on the other hand, viewed the men of the Saint Patrick's Battalion as heroes, awarding them honours and errecting a monument to them."

Fortunately this time I won't be adding to my lead collection as I already have enough. Now there was also a film made" One Man's Hero" starring Tom Berenger as John Riley. It's never been released here as far as you know and in the end I bought it as a double bill with " Never talk to strangers".

I know tagged with another movie. Never a good sign but I think I will watch it again now.

As for rules well me and Gordon recently attended Highlander games where we had a look while a local Hordes competition took place. Anyway bought the rules.
It is actually quite good and the figures do look good but are not cheap. Hordes is a game of cunning stategy, brutal tactics, and epic clashes between forces of snarling , supernaturally destructive warbeasts, battle-hardened warriors, and elite mages.  Thats there words but it did look alot of fun and they were great minis.

Payday today. Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Well trollbloods actually. On initial inspection some mold lines and I will have to pin some joints but I look forward to painting them. Even the blue skin.

However at present I am surrounded by French who will be finished before anything else. Even those Germans for Force on Force.

Mexican Dave

Bought : 4
Painted : No change 


  1. See that slope Dave?? Guess you have just started sliding down it!

    How many people took part in the Hordes competition?

  2. I think that there were about 18 playing and maybe another 10 like me and Dave just hanging about watching.

    Oh and Dave T, for your delectation and temptation I have aquired for you a copy of Songs of Blades and Heroes (plus several of the spin offs). Looks good, small play area, low figure count, campaign rules, soloable, whats not to like?

  3. You'll not get me playing this one!

    BTW Dave, check my blog. The road tiles might interest you (shameless pluggage I know).

  4. I have seen the road tiles and I thought that looks worth stealing !