Monday, 11 April 2011

Lizard Riders by Micro World games

As promised here is the Lizard Rider army based for Future War Commander. I am actually quite impressed by the way they turned out. The figures are fantastic and the service from MicroWorld games was great as well.

I particularily liked the bases as I still have Japanese for Blitzkrieg Commander II to do. I was not so sure what to do with them but this has given me hope. Mind you still got to paint them all first.

Anyway here is the eye candy.
                                         Command base
                                          A selection of the HQ bases.


                                          Para Missile

                                          Dino Infantry

                                          Raptor Dragoons. My favourite.


                                         A few shots of the T Rex.
So here it the Lizard Riders that GordonY is facing very shortly. Now time for a song.

"What you gonna do? What you gonna do? When they come for you ?"

Painted : No change
Bought : No change there either 


  1. What am I gonna do???

    Well obviously I'm just gonna drop lots of Napalm rockets on ya, cant have my Marines eating raw Dino can I?

  2. Looking good Dave. Esp like the T-Rex!