Saturday, 16 April 2011

No where to run to baby, No where to hide (Lizard riders 2)

Well that was a first. Reached my break point. Well actually exceeded break point on Round two and then failed my command roll so. GAME OVER.

How ?

Got completely done over by a drop ship filled with marines and artillery rounds. Totally wiped out my centre including my CO. That was it pretty much over. The Lizard Riders all save on 6's so there was not much joy there. I did save all 3 hits once. Marines save on 4's.

Mass destruction. Oh yeah. Will I use them again. Of course.

At least I forgot my camera. Oh bugger Gordon remembered his.


  1. The "Giant Pie of Doom" template does seem a bit overpowering. I wonder if Rocket Artillery is underpriced given the devestation it brings?

    But then I gather it has the same effect in 40K.

    As for the Dropship landing I take it you didn't have any AA weapons?

  2. No its not underpriced, its so cheap because its inaccurate, you have to add an extra deviation dice, hell, most of the time I was drifting 12-15cms. Of course the not-Marines large command radius does compensate a little for this as you're using less deviation dice to begin with.