Sunday, 8 May 2011

Cannonade 2011

Was at Cannonsde on Saturday. On the positive side I bought a few books.

On the negative side I increased my figures total with the following ;

Plastic Soldier Company
57 Russian Infantry in summer uniform
52 Russian Infantry with heavy weapons(includes 12 models)
3 T34 tanks.

All 1/72 scale.

Total cost £26.99. 112 models which works out at 24p. Bargain.

I also bought 10 mm tanks from Pendraken. 3 Japanese tanks.

I was tough as there were other things but I stuck with the Russians and I now have all I need to play Force on Force.( Apart from the Germans !!!) So once painted that will be another army complete.

Mexican Dave

Painted :  129
Bought : 119


  1. Don't regard the buying of the figures as a "negative side". Look on it more as a challenge!

  2. Wow, you were quite restrained! :D