Saturday, 3 September 2011

If the Lord spare us

On Tuesday we tried out " If the Lord spare us " by the Too Fat Lardies.

It was the British Jolly Good Fellows and Austrailian Diggers verus Johnny Turk.

I was Johnny Turk and was defending while the jolly Good Fellows and diggers were on the attack. As it was a card game turn with the standard tea break card to end the turn you get a bit worried when your opponents cards keep coming out.

However luck was not against me and the card turned up for me to maul the Brit cavalry that stood in front of my guns. The other flank was similar but it was not a maul by any means.

Pretty good so far.

Then came the diggers and my centre was cut open by a can of beans including my HQ. Now HQ's can remove supression markers as the more you have the less or nothing you units can do. In my case nothing was the answer as any more than 6 comes with problems and in some cases I had over 14. My shooting dice was good but morale was the rolls of 1.

Still it was a good game which played really well. I have never read the rules but followed the playsheet and after a few turns I had picked  it up.

So Johnny Turk Flanks 2 Diggers 3.

Tonight its Gruntz with my Felid from Khurasan although not fully painted we will try the rules out.

Mexican Dave

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