Monday, 10 January 2011

Not another wargames blog !!!

Yes I am afraid so. What you will see is alot of pictures and alot of variety.
This will not be a blog for a specific period.

No I am true wargaming butterfly. 

So from from 6mm and above expect the unexpected.

First up is the a figure from the Mexican American War. It has been on the painting table for ages. A real painters block this has been. The horses were finished awhile back. I will post when the unit is finished.

It is the Mexican Second Cavalry Regiment.

Next in true butterfly style is a miniature from Dark Realm Miniatures. It is a Kraytonian Rakkat Rider. I have another to eight to paint. It will be used for Future War Commander.

Next up is another few figures for FWC but for a another army. Now it is known that if anyone is going for a bug race it will be me.

Ceratops Light Cluster

Para. Support Cluster Missile

Steg Assault Cluster 

Para. Support Cluster ( Lance )

Raptor Dragoon

Now finally no Lizard Rider Army would be without this next guy.

Mr T. Rex
Bye for now
Mexican Dave

Bought : Big fat Zero
Painted : 21

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