Monday, 17 January 2011

Future War Commander

We had another game of FWC on Friday at the club. My Kraytonian's V Gordons Andrayan robotic army.

It all started very well. I manage to dispose of his armour easily enough but then had to deal with the infantry.

That was not so easy and things started to go badly after that.

Never mind though as FWC is a good rule set. It's very easy to follow so we will try it out again. I did not bring a camera but Gordon did.

See link for pictures:

Painting wise its been very good. I have finished 80 infantry which are 6mm but they have be done so the Lizard Riders Army for FWC is just about complete. I have also added some game markers for Ambush Alley, market scenery and a bin !!! 

Yes just the one bin.

I am clearing the decks as I am about to paint some 28mm Crimean French. More about that later.

Bye for now.

Bought : Still the big fat zero
Painted : 110

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