Saturday, 11 January 2014

What I expect from 2014

Well first things first is that I post more often. Now that I have a proper PC that should not be a problem. The goods news is that I am just not able to buy more stuff.

That is good news as I can focus on what I do have especially what I have had for some time.

So no new projects.

This is what I have and what you can expect to see here.

6mm Seven Years Wars for Maurice which is nearly finished with just 48 of the little people left. I have just to finish all the bases after that. In future I want to paint them first and then do all the bases.

10mm Late Roman Army and Elves for Warmaster. Sitting on the table as I type so should be next up.

Dropzone Commander Starter set. Really good value for what you get and more than 50% completed.

15mm ACW. This goes back years as it is the first miniatures I bought so I think it is time to finish and pack it with the others under the bed. Based for Peter Pigs Civil War Battles. I did think about Longstreet but not so sure now although I do know someone who has the rules and 2 card decks so you never know.

20mm Vietnam. I made a big push on this last year and there is just the VC to tidy up and finish along with the American vehicles.

20mm WWII for Battlegroup Kursk. Boy did I misjudge this. It is not the basic troops as they are complete. It was the additional kit needed for HQ, Recce, Reconnaissance, Tanks, Support units and aircraft for both sides. It has been a complete money pit plus I don't think you will ever have everything. However I do have enough to have a game once I get on with it.

28mm Sci Fi Colonial Marines. Another thing I started but never quite finished.   

28mm Saga 6 point Scots army received for Xmas. The club plays this and I want to get involved more so I might paint them sooner. 

28mm Mexican War. I love this period and I have been reading my reference books again so after a few years of nothing I want the above complete so that I can go back to this on a regular basis.

What's the point of being Mexican Dave if there are no Mexicans !!! 

28mm Deep Wars. another project that has sucked me in so I have all of this including enough terrain to play although I would like more. Again not touching this until the above is done.

I also want to make some buildings so you can expect some attempts at that this year.

I hope to use this post as a reminder to myself so that this time next year I can say I completed them all.

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